Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy created to help you understand how we collect and use the information you enter.By using or accessing Profile Page, you accept the terms defined in this Privacy Policy.If you have any questions or suggestions about this statement, please contact us via the contact page.Information We CollectWhen you visit Our Page, you provide two types of information, input and information that we hold about you, and website usage information that we collect when you interact with Our PageWhen you register, you provide your personal information such as name, email, telephone, address, and so on.When you enter the page We, our (statistical service we use) to collect your browser type, and your IP address. This information is gathered from all visitors Us.  

We also collect information from your browser using "cookies". A cookie is a small piece of information stored on your computer that contain user data. Normally we use to login operation and keep you logged in for a specified time. Usually the cookie is deleted when your browser is closed.You enter the website content to Page We are at your own risk. Although we make data security methods (security) but no one can guarantee perfect and all that effort can not be penetrated.  

We can not control the other users who might give you access to view the page and your information. Therefore we can not and do not guarantee the content that you input to the website will not be viewed by those who do not have the right. You understand that the copy of the user data, even after removal, it could be left on the page is in the cache and save, either by you or another user.All data collection activities should not misuse the information in the page and we are violations of Terms of Service and should be reported to us.

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